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Good Samaritan Network | Hamilton County

As a part of the Good Samaritan Network you are immediately connected to network-wide service providers with the most current information for Hamilton County professionals and agencies represented among a diverse group of local agenciesnon-profits, pantries, human service providers, churches, businesses, government, schools, individuals and more.  

Hamilton County COAD Meeting February

  • 20 Feb 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Noblesville Mayor's Office, Conference, Room A 214, 6 S. 10th St. Noblesville, IN

Registration is closed

Hamilton County COAD Meeting

Meeting Objective:

Join us for extended discussion concerning the necessary steps in developing the Hamilton County COAD.

Some months are scheduled as "FULL COAD" combined meetings and others are scheduled as "COMMITEE" meetings. This year's schedule: 

January 16 – Full COAD Meeting

February 20 – Committee Meeting (see list) 

March 19 – Full COAD Meeting

April 16 - Committee Meeting (see list)

May 21 – Full COAD Meeting

June 18 – Committee Meeting (see list)

July 16 – Full COAD Meeting

August 20 – Committee Meeting (see list)

September 17 -  Full COAD Meeting

October 15 - Committee Meeting (see list)

November and December -  No Meetings

What Is A COAD?

COAD (Community Organization Active in Disasters) is a local extension of the statewide Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD). It is an umbrella organization that exists to bring together those who are interested in building a better prepared and more resilient Hamilton County community.

·         Enhance our community’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters

·         Improving our community's resources by creating local relationships prior to an event

·         Ensure human needs probable in a disaster are assessed and met

·         Strengthening area-wide disaster coordination

·         Sharing program, policies, and information

·         Implementing joint planning and training

COADs provide a network through which individual organizations can more effectively address their mission and service goals during all four phases of a disaster. Members maintain autonomy while working to reduce duplication of services and other inefficiencies that occur during times of disaster.

A COAD enhances the ability for all communities involved to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. COAD members believe that community leadership, public and private, should be utilized in planning, directing and implementing the disaster recovery. COADs work closely with but are not governed by, the local EMA office.

How You Make A Difference...

Your connection with multiple human service providers and the ability to create community identity and awareness is invaluable in networking while impacting our county.

Networking With Others...

Your membership and consistent participation provides direct networking opportunities with numerous agencies, organizations and individuals, enhancing your impact to our community.  

Impacting Our Community...

Your work in relation to human service providers supporting the residents of Hamilton County is mission critical. We are here to help extend the work of countless agencies, organizations and individuals.

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